Oana Borcan

PhD in Economics


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I am an Associate Professor in Economics at the School of Economics, University of East Anglia.

My main research interests lie in Political Economy, Development Economics and Applied Microeconomics. I use empirical tools, such as quasi-experiments and field experiments to analyze policy-relevant issues related to corruption, voting and education. A part of my work investigates the long-run determinants of economic prosperity, focusing on state history from antiquity to the present.






  • October 2021: Our joint paper with Ola Olsson and Louis Putterman “Transition to Agriculture and first state presence: A global analysis” was published in Explorations in Economic History. We show that places where the Neolithic transition to agriculture happened earlier, also developed formal state institutions earlier, and we look at some of the social and economic developments that link agriculture adoption to state emergence.
  • November 2021: ESRC award  “SeNSS supervisor-led collaborative studentship competition, 2021-22,” for a fully-funded PhD studentship at UEA,  with Amrish Patel, in collaboration with the Norfolk County Council



Pillars of democracy, Art Installation, Singapore Art Museum

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