Oana Borcan

PhD in economics



I am a Lecturer in Economics (Assistant Professor) at the School of Economics, University of East Anglia.

My main research interests lie in Political Economy, Development Economics and Applied Microeconomics. I use empirical tools, such as quasi-experiments and field experiments to analyze policy-relevant issues related to corruption, voting and education. A part of my work investigates the long-run determinants of economic prosperity, focusing on state history from antiquity to the present.




·   November 2017: The comprehensive data on the Extended State History Index 3500 BCE – 2000 CE, with Ola Olsson and Louis Putterman (dataset and data coding appendix) is now available. Please cite our paper “State History and Economic Development: Evidence from Six Millennia”, forthcoming in JoEG.

·   October 2017: Our paper “State History and Economic Development: Evidence from Six Millennia” (with Ola Olsson and Louis Putterman) is forthcoming in the Journal of Economic Growth

·   June 2017: New article published in Science by Fisman and Golden discusses our paper “Fighting Corruption in Education…” in the context of side-effects of anti-corruption programs.

·   June 2017: A piece on the rising inequality in UK higher education participation and party pledges ahead of GE2017 (UEA ECO Blog).

·   March 2017:  The BBC covers our paper Borcan, Lindahl and Mitrut, 2017 (AEJ: Economic Policy) in an extensive piece.



Pillars of democracy, Art Installation, Singapore Art Museum

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