Oana Borcan

PhD in Economics


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My main research interests lie in Political Economy, Development Economics and Applied Microeconomics. I use empirical tools, such as quasi-experiments and field experiments to analyze policy-relevant issues related to corruption, voting and education. A part of my work investigates the long-run determinants of economic prosperity, focusing on state history from antiquity to the present.








  • June 2022: New Working Paper “Proud to belong: the impact of ethics training on police officers”  with D. Harris, D. Serra, H. Telli, B. Schettini and S. Dercon (link).
  •                       Center for the Studies of African Economies (CSAE) podcast.
  •                       Also covered by D. Serra in the Probable Causation podcast Episode 73 (June 7, 2022).
  • June 2022: New Working Paper “Trading Social Status for Genetics in Marriage Markets: Evidence from UK Biobank” with A. Abdellaoui, D. Hugh-Jones and PA. Chiappori (link).





Pillars of democracy, Art Installation, Singapore Art Museum

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