Published Papers

“Transition to Agriculture and First State Presence: A Global Analysis,” (with Louis Putterman and Ola Olsson), Explorations in Economic History, 2021 – 82. (link)

“The Illicit Benefits of Local Party Alignment in National Elections,” forthcoming in the Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, UEA Working Paper Series 2016-10 (link).

“State History and Economic Development: Evidence from Six Millennia” (with Ola Olsson and Louis Putterman), Journal of Economic Growth, March 2018, 23(1): 1-40 (paper).

“Fighting Corruption in Education: What Works and Who Benefits?” (with Mikael Lindahl and Andreea Mitrut), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, February 2017, 9(1):180-209 (link)

  • An earlier version: Gothenburg University Working Paper in Economics, No. 612, February 2015 (link)

“The Impact of an Unexpected Wage Cut on Corruption: Evidence From a “Xeroxed” Exam” (with Mikael Lindahl and Andreea Mitrut),  Journal of Public Economics, December 2014, Volume 20, pp. 32-47 (link).

Working Papers

“Curbing Adult Student Attrition: Evidence from a Field Experiment” (with Raj Chande, Michael Luca, Michael Sanders, Xian-Zhi Soon, Netta-Barak-Corren, Elizabeth Linos, Elspeth Kirkman and Sean Robinson), Harvard Business School Working Paper, No. 15-065, February 2015 (link)

Other Publications

“Variation in sub-national QoG in Romania”, Book chapter in Charron, N., V. Lapuente and B. Rothstein eds., “Quality of Government and Corruption from a European perspective,” Edward Elgar, 2013

“Nord-Vest”, in Charron, N., V. Lapuente and B. Rothstein eds. “Measuring the Quality of Government in the EU and Sub-national Variation,” Report for the European Commission Directorate-General Regional Policy Directorate, December 2010.

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