Current courses at UEA:

Introductory statistics (Undergraduate) – module convenor, Spring 2018

Policy Evaluation (PhD) – module convenor, Spring 2018


Past courses at UEA and the University of Gothenburg, Sweden:

Introductory statistics (Undergraduate) – lecturer, Spring 2018

Applied Economic Analysis (Undergraduate) – seminar leader, 2016 – 2017

Political Economy and Policy Instruments in Environmental Economics (ES1601 Master) – lecturer, Fall 2015

Basic Statistics (Undergraduate) – course coordinator with Prof. Måns Söderbom, 2012-2014

Basic Econometrics (Undergraduate) – teaching assistant, 2012-2014

Mathematics (PhD) – teaching assistant, Fall 2012

Supervisor theses in applied microeconometrics (undergraduate), 2013-2015



English class, Laos